Chemotherapy catheter port needles

These needles are designed to enter the silicone septum of the catheter port in such a way as to cause the least damage to the port so that more than 1000 injections can be done with it. The French brand Fb Medical has created a sharp needle with a unique design and high strength, which causes the least pain to the patient and easily enters the skin and silicone port. This needle is produced in the form of a butterfly, which makes it easy for the nurse to use it, and it is possible to apply the dressing on it properly and keep this needle on the port for up to a week. This needle has an extra hose on which a clamp is placed to close and open the path. The end of this needle has a stiff part for holding in hand and has a Luer Lock hub that prevents any sitting by turning and varnishing to the end of the serum set. This French product has CE, ISO13485, ISO9001 standards.


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