Catheter port FB Medical-Iso Med

Port is a device used to treat patients who need repeated injections such as chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, TPN and blood product injections as well as blood sampling.

The injection with this device is with the least pain and discomfort and allows the patient to have an acceptable and comfortable condition between the two injections.

The port consists of a titanium chamber, a silicon septum, and a catheter made of silicon.

Titanium port is lighter than stainless steel and does not contain nickel. It also has no magnetic properties, so it is not a problem for patients who need an MRI. The port is easily placed in the subcutaneous area and will be very easy to access.

The Fb Medical port is available in venous, arterial, peritoneal, and in a variety of sizes and sizes.

The silicone septum used for injection is wide, and if size 22 (black) needles are used, the injection capability will be maintained for a longer period of time. Size 19 (white) needles are used to inject concentrated and oily drugs or blood plasma, and in normal case, size 20 needle (yellow) is suitable.


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