Taurolock and control of catheter infection

One of the biggest problems in patients with central venous catheters such as: permanent hemodialysis catheter (premict); Temporary hemodialysis catheter (Sheldon); Catheter is a port of chemotherapy and central venous catheter (CVC) and ... infections caused by the catheter. These infections are caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses entering the catheter from the end of the catheter (outside the body) into the catheter and then into the bloodstream. They start with symptoms such as fever and chills and eventually lead to a blood infection. . Treatment includes hospitalization, broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy, and catheter replacement surgery.

With the advancement of medical science, the German company Tauropharm has produced an antiseptic and antithrombotic substance called Taurolock, which has a very important and effective role in preventing and controlling infections caused by catheters. Taurolock solution contains a broad-spectrum antiseptic that All bacteria and fungi, even in the resistant and antibiotic-resistant type, will prevent catheter infections. Taurolock also has anticoagulant properties (heparin + citrate 4%) and will prevent clots inside the catheter. As a result, as long as the trochanter solution is used to close the catheter at the end of the treatment, the catheter will retain its function and the infection will be eliminated and the catheter will not clot and close. Increases dramatically. It should be noted that the above solution has no drug side effects and as long as the patient uses the troll for treatment, there will be no growth of bacteria and fungi, and immediately after using the troll if there is any of them inside the catheter within 2 It will go away in 24 hours and the patient will continue his treatment with the same initial catheter for a long time. In addition to very effective therapeutic effects, the use of Taurolock also destroys the biofilm inside the catheter.

Thus, by using Taurolock, the patient is in a very good mental condition and will spend his dialysis or chemotherapy period in the best way.

Broad spectrum antiseptic solution

Prevention of all catheter infections

• Can be used in a variety of permanent, temporary hemodialysis catheters, chemotherapy splints, CVC, etc.

• Effective on all gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including MRSA, MRSE and VRE and a variety of fungi

• Removal of biofilms created in the catheter

• No side effects

• Significant reduction in treatment costs due to no infection and sepsis and catheter replacement

• Anticoagulant due to the presence of citrate and heparin compounds