Features of SIEM Italy Portable Ventilator:

• Ability to use for all patients in emergency, in ambulance, intercity transport

• Has a unique AUTO / SIMV mode and is very easy to use:

•The only ventilator that automatically selects the mode the patient needs.

• Has all volumetric and compression modes such as: CMV, AMV, SIMV, PCM, MVM, CPAP, SIGH / CMV and parameters


•Exceptional and revolutionary innovation in portable ventilators with special CPR mode:

•The only ventilator permitted for use in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

• Has a Pressure Limit setting to prevent Barotruma

• Ability to use invasively and non-invasively

• Maximum optimal use of oxygen with a consumption of 0 Lit / Min by the device.

• Has an internal battery with more than 10 hours of charging (with city or ambulance electricity) with a special feature of device operation and battery charging simultaneously.

• Easy to carry (weight 3.5 kg) with the possibility of installation on a variety of stretchers and ambulances

• Possibility of using mini-capsules, capsules and central oxygen (oxygen outlet) to supply incoming oxygen

• Waterproof device (IPX4) and shockproof and shockproof in six directions

• Certified by CE, NATO, Italian Army, Iranian Army, Police Force, 115th National Emergency, Air Emergency, Civil Aviation and National Hospitals for safe operation in emergencies and crises

•Exclusive and lifelong import since 2002 from SIEM Company and more than 2000 installations in more than 250 medical centers in the country

• Has one year warranty and 10 years after-sales service


Download the file below to see the SIEM product list and product tips.